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Our Principles are Creating "High Quality" & "Multifunctional" 
Level Products 

Our company was established in 1998, professional in making different shape and different sizes of level products to meet the requirements of every occupation. In order to promote our competitiveness, our company develop every kinds of "high-value-added" level products; the level with screw driver, level key chain, level paperweight, level meter and level ball point pen, and other functions of new level products.

The level series of products from Li Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd, beside measuring surface level and other functions. in addition, they are very suitable for promotional item, gifts or propagate item. The products are beautiful and practical in life and multifunctional, furthermore, we cam put customer logo or trademark on the products.

The automation manufacture equipment and strict QC in our company, rave made our products marketed around the world and approved by our customers, inquiry welcome.